Bolsas SLAMS/JSM 2009

Proyectos que obtuvieron las Becas SLAMS/JSM 2009:

Investigación Básica

  • Investigation to the Protective Effect of Annexin 1 in the Recovery of Erectile Function After Injury of the Cavernous Nerves During Radical Prostatectomy
    Autor: Facio, F. (Brazil)

Investigación Clínica

  • Assesment of Response to the physical Therapy treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction
    Autores: Fregonesi, A.; dos Santos, A.L. (Brazil)

  • Sexual and Hormonal Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Obese Male Patients
    Autores: Gueglio, G.; Cavadas, D.; Costanzo, P.; Layus, O.; Beskow, A.; Finger, L.; Wright, F.; Rey Valzacchi, G. (Argentina)