• How to become a SLAMS/ISSM member

Your must be an ISSM member in order be a SLAMS member.
Those ISSM members from Latinamerican countries are automatically members from SLAMS. This has no additional cost.

To became an ISSM member
You can become an ISSM member through
Click on the "Join" option on the menu and follow the instructions.
There you will learn about the benefits of being an ISSM member.

  • Annual membership renewal

You can pay your SLAMS/ISSM membership dues through ISSM's website,

  1. Click on "Members" on the top menu bar.
  2. Click on "login"; you will be asked for your login and password.
  3. Once you have entered your login and password you will be
    redirected to the ISSM member's area. Click on "Renew my
    subscription" within the "Members" menu (this option is only available
    after you login). Then follow the instructions to pay online with Visa
    or Mastercard.
  • To recover your userID and password
  • Access the website
  • Click login
  • Type your email and the system will automatically send you your UserID and password