The SLAIS (Latin American Society for Impotence Research) was founded in 1990 during the IV World Congress of Impotence held in Rio de Janeiro; in 1996 it became a chapter of the ISIR (International Society for Impotence Research). Since 1993 we have a biannual meeting (Buenos Aires, Montevideo, São Paulo, Chile, Acapulco, Rio de Janeiro, Cartagena de Indias). The official languages of our society are Portuguese, Spanish and English.
In 1999 we had a wonderful congress in Acapulco, beginning a new era in our society. In the year 2001 our meeting in Rio was really a landmark as we had 712 attendees with people from 25 different countries, becoming surely one the most important meetings of the world in this field. Also during this meeting the name of our society was changed to SLAIS (Latin American Society for Sexuality and Impotence Research) and we added the figure of a treasurer to the Executive Committee.