SLAMS/JSM Grants 2008

Projects that were awarded the SLAMS/JSM Grants 2008

Basic Research

  • "A new method for a Human Tunica Albuginea Acellularized Matrix Graft Pottentialy Applied in Penile Reconstruction"
    Authors: Eloisio Da Silva and Fernado Gomes da Silva
  • “Effects of the combination ethanol plus tobacco on oxidative stress and on histological changes in rat testis and penis”
    Author: Dr. Ernani Rhoden

Clinical Research

  • “Influence of Estrogen on The Distribution And Expression Of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide on the Vaginal Wall”
    Authors: Lucia Alves, Ana Carolina Japur
  • “Quality of life and sexual function in male patients treated with hemodialysis"
    Authors: Carlos Da Ros and Gilberto Almeida