SLAMS/JSM Grants 2007

Projects that were awarded the SLAMS/JSM Grants 2007:

Clinical Research

  1. Peyronie's Disease treatment with Atorvastatin - A double-blind randomized clinical trial.
    Authors: Carlos Da Ros , Eduardo Mastalir
  2. Clinical and homodynamic effect of Nitric Oxide donor gel on the dorsal artery of the clitoris in female sexual dysfunction.
    Authors: Adriano Fregonesi, Sophia Souto, Paulo Palma, Alister Miranda Cará

Basic Research

  1. Expression of Chaperone Proteins: Heat Shock Protein 27, 70 and Caldesmon (L-isoform) in cavernous smooth muscle of denervated Sprague-Dawley rats and Hypertensive SHR stroke prone rats.
    Authors: Osvaldo Mazza, Ernesto Grasso, Horacio V.Sanguinetti , Mariano Brzezinski