SLAMS/JSM Grants 2006

Projects that were awarded the SLAMS/JSM Grants 2006 :

Clinical Research

  1. A prospective, randomized, one-blinded, comparative study  on efficacy of Colchicine or Verapamil injected intraplaque on Peyronie´s disease.
    Authors: Sidney Glina, Iderpól Leonardo Toscano.
    Hospital Ipiranga. São Paulo Brasil.

  2. Insulin resistance and erectile dysfunction in non-diabetic men.
    Authors: Rey Valzacchi G, Knoblovits P, Costanzo P, Finger L, Layus O, Gueglio G.
    Division of Urology, Division of Endocrinology, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Basic Research

  1. In vitro smooth muscle reactivity of human corpus cavernosum.
    Authors: Ronaldo Damião and Roberto Soares de Moura.
    Department of Urology, Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) and Department of Pharmacology, UERJ. Brasil.